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        當前位置:首頁 > 衍生服務 > 三和汽車快修連鎖

          四川三和汽車快修連鎖有限公司成立于2000年 8月,為成都三和企業集團旗下全資子公司。公司依托三和的品牌影響力,積極拓展三和品牌加盟銷售服務網絡,目前已經建立30多家加盟連鎖店,服務范圍覆蓋 省內主要區域。秉承三和集團的品牌文化,依托集團的整體實力,三和快修連鎖公司致力于成為汽車后市場集整車銷售及售后服務、零件供應、物流配送、營銷咨詢、人才培訓及品牌資本運作于一體,并注重高品位、規范化、專業化、連鎖化發展的綜合性汽車服務商;真誠期望與各界朋友交流合作,共謀發展。
           電 話:028-85131779
           手 機:15882228928

           Founded in August 2000, Sichuan Sanhe Auto Quick Repair Chain Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chengdu Sanhe Enterprise Group. Relying on the brand influence of Sanhe, it actively expands Sanhe’s brand-franchised sales service network. At present, the company has set up to more than 30 franchised chain stores and its service scope has covered main area of the province. Adhering to the brand culture of Sanhe Group, relying on the group's overall strength, Sanhe Quick Repair Chain Company devotes itself to become comprehensive auto service provider in auto post-market, integrating sale of finished autos, after-sales service, spare supply, logistics dispatch, marketing consulting, employee training and brand capital operation, and paying attention to high grade, standardization, specialization and chaining development. It sincerely hopes to communicate and cooperate with friends from all fields and seeks common development.
           Office address: high tech Zone, Airport Road, Singapore Industrial Park, South Park three Chengdu Road, No. 133
           Telephone: 028-85131779
           Contact person: Mr. Li
           Mobile: 15882228928








        ?2009-2010 三和集團 版權所有|ICP經營許可證編號:蜀ICP備17005250號|集團總機:028-85176666|網站地圖

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